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A small update to the music submissions

In an effort to streamline the music submission process, and to make it easier for us to get your music on the air, we have made some modifications to how we are handling music submissions. We have created a new music submission form that is specific for submitting your demo mix or track. 

Not a huge change, but something that will make it easier for everyone involved. We have included some do's and don'ts to help ensure that your mix gets to us and has a better chance of being adding to the on air rotation. Feedback is always appreciated!

Thanks for your continued support!

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Radio Stream Update


We are in the process of migrating Lunchbox Radios website and stream to new servers. We have secured ourselves a slice from Slicehost and setup our Shoutcast server there. It will work out better than our current situation as we now have resources dedicated to the stream and on-demand content. We will be able to start providing more music on-demand now.

The URL for the stream has changed though, so be sure to update your bookmarks. The new url is

I am a huge fan of Slicehost now. Setup was easy and I get 100% control over the server. No unneeded services, not fluff, it's great!


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