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Catching up with Psilogod

We thought we would catch up with a good friend, and one of our favorite Lunchbox artists Psilogod to find out what we can look forward to see and hear in 2010 and beyond. Q. For those that don’t know about you, tell us a little about yourself? A. I like long walks on the beach and outer space. Q. How do you feel you have progressed as an artist? A. I’ve been making music since the age of 13 and I would say the first 5 years were all just figuring out my own style and quirks of writing. I joined a band at 18 that focused on heavy electronics which I programmed and played guitar in. It required writing for 4 different people so it was fairly limited to the rock format. When that band ended I had just started getting into EDM and discovered Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen around 2006. I was hooked on the sound; it was very psychedelic and dark and moody and totally fit my influences perfectly. Not really wanting to get into a band again, I decided to maybe just fly solo since a lot of EDM artists were just 1 or 2 people…it …read more

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Upcoming Events - Milk Money Sessions 010 w/The Cocksmyths - feb 20

Coming up February 20th, live right here on LuchboxRadio is Milk Money Sessions 010 w/The Cocksmyths, aka DJ Mener and Jeremy Curl. You can tune in LIVE at 8pm. Don't forget to come say hi in more

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