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Milk Money Sessions 004 - w/DJ Ribble -  June 6th @8pm

Milk Money Sessions episode 004 with DJ Ribble on June 6th @8pm. Very excited to have Ribble in the studio as Warped Radio invades Lunchbox Radio! read more

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First official LBR Podcast - Milk Money Sessions

We got our shit together, upgraded our studio, and have produced the first episode of Milk Money Sessions. The episode page is not available but you can always subscribe and listen to it with iTunes (or whatever player you use). Here is the Podcast XML. We are very excited about this. Live shows are fun, and its always a good time when we have our guests over. You can hear that in the Bing Bong show from the first episode. We didn’t know left from right by the end. I got the signal that they were done, and announced it, then next thing you know someone jumped on and kept playing. I think I said goodnight and thanks like 4 different times trying to close the show out. Oh well, it was a blast! Thanks again to Bing Bong Twins, BobbyK, and GoldenGate, who helped keep us going after the actual show was finished. Definitely looking forward to the next few shows. You can expect a semi regular bi-monthly for a while, lots of people have been scratching at the door to play. We are not complaining about that one bit. I think that in the near future we will have …read more

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