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Catching up with Psilogod

We thought we would catch up with a good friend, and one of our favorite Lunchbox artists Psilogod to find out what we can look forward to see and hear in 2010 and beyond.

Q. For those that don’t know about you, tell us a little about yourself?

A. I like long walks on the beach and outer space.

Q. How do you feel you have progressed as an artist?

A. I’ve been making music since the age of 13 and I would say the first 5 years were all just figuring out my own style and quirks of writing. I joined a band at 18 that focused on heavy electronics which I programmed and played guitar in. It required writing for 4 different people so it was fairly limited to the rock format. When that band ended I had just started getting into EDM and discovered Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen around 2006. I was hooked on the sound; it was very psychedelic and dark and moody and totally fit my influences perfectly. Not really wanting to get into a band again, I decided to maybe just fly solo since a lot of EDM artists were just 1 or 2 people…it made sense and had no limitations like a band had. I spent most of 07 and 08 just learning more about production and got better with the programs. I didn’t know what I was going to make and somehow I came up with Divination which I was very proud of as it was my first real body of work I had ever completed.  I released that in January 09 and since then I have been taking my own progression serious and upgraded my studio and have a lot of music and ideas in the works that are on a higher level than my first attempts. I’m more confident when I start a song now, even if I don’t know what it will end up like.

Q. Have you set any goals for 2010?

A. Just to be more focused and get better at music production. I probably won’t be playing as much this year to concentrate on learning and writing new material. I probably have over 40 tracks in various stages of completion right now that range vastly in style. The goal is to widdle them down and finish them.

Q. What can we expect from the next release and when can we expect it?

A. I am currently finishing 2 separate LP releases for the spring/summer. The first is going to be a more uptempo psychedelic album. The second is going to be a more downtempo album that actually predates my first release Divination, but has been on the backburner as I didn’t feel I wanted this particular group of songs to be the formal introduction to Psilogod. If I’m creative and motivated enough I might even squeeze out a 3rd LP by end of 2010. I’m doing to be making both of these free to download but have a donation and/or digital purchase option available to those who like to support original art.

Q. What would you say is the biggest difference between Divination and your current projects?

A. Going into the new albums I think the differences between them and Divination are that they will be a bit more psychedelic, dark and twisted. I’m not trying to impress anybody with catchy hits that make people feel good or are fun to dance to; I am only trying to impress myself with what comes out of my head. It’s not negative music though; it just has a dark side. But so does life. There is a lot of positivity to be found as well…yin and yang. I think static music that is all uplifting, or all dark or fits neatly in a genre all the time is rather boring. I like artists who are dynamic and versatile and intend for my sound to change a lot over time to whatever can inspire me to stay interested in music. I don’t want to make 10 albums that sound the same...that doesn’t interest me.

Q: What other producers, songwriters and/or artists are inspiring you right now, and why?

A. There are a bunch, but at the moment the ones I really admire and respect are Shpongle, Ott, Younger Brother, Electrypnose, Eskmo, Kilowatts, Prometheus and Bird of Prey.

They are all on a completely different level than most EDM producers out there of any genre. Their attention to detail makes me sick with envy and they all have extremely unique sounds that nobody could ever emulate no matter how hard they tried. That’s what I’m always looking for in an artist, is their signature style. It helps me strive to get better at what I do with my own art.

Q: At the end of 2009 we chatted about your up and coming label Real Eyez, would you care to elaborate on the idea?

A.Yes, I’m trying to start my own record and art label this year called Real Eyez Records as sort of a home base for distribution of my own art. Long term plans are to find and help support other artists that I think need to be heard and seen. This will eventually include more than just music and focus on helping visual artists as well.

Q. How do you feel Real Eyez will be distinctive as a label?

A. The idea is to enhance consciousness with art to create a flow of inspiration that is indiscriminate of genres and cliques and ‘in crowds. Quality is quality, and talent is talent. More people would recognize it if they took down their genre barriers more often and actually listened with an open mind. A lot of talented people fall through the cracks because they don’t fit a mold of expectation. I want to find those artists and help them.

Q. Any upcoming gigs we can look forward to hear you playing at?

A. Well I think they will be sparse this year to focus on writing, but I should be playing at Yuri’s Night at Club Underground on April 10th.

Q. Any final thoughts?

A. Thanks to Lunchbox Radio for this interview and thanks to anyone who has supported my music.

Check out out Psilo's latest track Behold, Cthulhu! and for more information check out Psilogod's soundcloud or his myspace.

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Upcoming Events - Milk Money Sessions 010 w/The Cocksmyths - feb 20

Milk Money Sessions 10 w/The Cocksmyths

Coming up February 20th, live right here on LuchboxRadio is Milk Money Sessions 010 w/The Cocksmyths, aka DJ Mener and Jeremy Curl.

You can tune in LIVE at 8pm. Don't forget to come say hi in chat.

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Robotronia and present: A RibbleRaiser Feb. 5th 2010

Paypal Information!

Click to donate for RibbleRaiser


Robotronia & present: A RibbleRaiser

Date: Friday February 5th 2010

Time: 8:00pm till?

Where: LBRHQ

DJs: D6, Boggan, and The Bing Bong Twins. There may be a possibility of open decks later in the night

Why: Recently our dear friend Ryan Beaton aka DJ Ribble has found out that he has a large tumor in his jaw that will have to be removed. He will also have to have major reconstructive facial surgery to rebuild the right side of his face. Friday February 5th 2010 we as a community will come together to raise funds to go towards the medical attention that our friend desperately needs.

We are requesting a donation of $20.00 at the door. This $20.00 donation will include drinks and pizza (until we run out) and all the bangin beats you can handle. We do realize that not everyone may be able to donate the requested amount and we will gratefully accept anything you can give.

If you cannot attend we will be broadcasting the event LIVE and we will have Ribbles paypal information up as soon as possible.

This will be a 21+ event and space is limited so get over here early!

All the proceeds will be driven to Ribble the day after the party.

Flier and more information to follow

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