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The next episode of Real Slow the Fast Way

Bing Bong Twins - Real Slow the Fast Way - Episode 2 with Tommy Two Tone

The Bing Bong Twins return with Real Slow the Fast Way episode 2, with special guest Tommy Two Tone. The first episode was one of our best and this installment is sure to be a solid followup.

RSTFW will air live on Tuesday September 22nd at 8pm PST right here on Lunchbox Radio.

Simple of The Bing Bong Twins had this to say:

This guy pretty much explained the in's and out's of beatmatching to me when I started, and let me start down the path I'm on now, as far as I'm concerned he's highly underrated and the man's got energy that would make a Redbull feel bad about itself.

Super talented, great track selection, plus, Marcos has him coming out to drop beats for all you kids @ Reno Love Affair October 10th, only right to give you a sneak peak of his style.

Please tune in, we've got a few extra surprises in store for the lot of ya, thank you in advance to the TRUE music fans/heads who support us and pure unadulterated funky music.


Great news for Lunchbox Radio Podcasts

We just got notification that our podcasts, Milk Money Sessions, HustleCast, and Real Slow the Fast Way, will be available in the podcast directory in the iTunes store! It should take a couple days before they show up in search.

iTunes links:

Of course, you can still use any podcast receiver, or subscription system of your choice to get the podcasts.

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HustleCast podcast is online!


HustleCast podcasts are now online! HustleCast is recorded live with Sean Murray and AFS to promote their monthly, Hustle by Reno HouseMusique. These shows have been some of our favorites and we are stoked to have them back later this August for the return of Hustle.

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