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Lunchbox Radio is Your Electronic Music.


Lunchbox Radio is a project intended to help share, promote, and push Electronic Music.

The main goal of this project is to give thanks to all of the artists we love who create great music and continue to push the sound.



Ecsyle’s love and appreciation for the music runs deep and has been recognized with his many contributions to the EDM scene. With both ears always directed towards the speakers Ecsyle is on the constant hunt for new and fresh sounds.

He isn’t known as”OZ” for any reason. From the very first thoughts of Lunchboxradio.Com, he has been learning developing and tweaking the project to its full capability. He is the true mastermind behind the box whether it is the look and feel to the site or the vibe, his heart and soul is Lunchboxradio.com.

The Mantis

The Mantis can be found at any given point of the day buried in music. She always has a beat in her head and never thinks it is loud enough. From doing the first drunken Jaeger hour show to doing live shows from the basement, The Mantis has been the push and inspiration for making Lunchbox Radio a reality.

She has been an EDM fan from the age of fifteen and ten years later her love has never been so strong for the music and culture. The Lunchboxradio project has become a way to help promote and say thank you to the artists that create her soundtrack for life.


DJ Ribble, aka Ryan B, from his home town Sacramento, CA. has been spinning house music, breaks, club classics and DnB since the ripe age of 21. Warped Records Entertainment (which is a figment of your imagination) has been up and running since 2001. His love and passion for music runs deep in his blood. Internet radio has pushed him even further down that road. Staring up Warped Radio in September of 2008 and going strong, Ribble hosts the live radio show every Thursday night.

Having guest DJ’s on every week has pushed his musical talents even further by being able to spin every genre that he comes across. Joining the LunchBox Radio team has not only strengthened his love for music, it is also able for him to connect on multi-levels of the EDM scene. So stay on the look out for upcoming events. As Ribble would say “Music is the key, so stay up and keep the beats banging!!”


Lunchbox Radio was born from the concept of a project called Mixlfe that Ecsyle and David Aaron we brainstorming in 2005. Back then they had an idea to build a resource to promote electronic dance music, specifically to promote the more progressive sounds in EDM. The idea never fully materialized and was not launched. The idea never totally died either, and in 2007 during a long drive home Ecsyle came up with the name, Lunchbox Radio.

In early 2008 Ecsyle and The Mantis started to play around with internet radio broadcasting and playing music for fun from their house. The show was called Jager Hour and consisted mostly of drinking shots of jager with friends over the air and playing music back and forth throughout the night. They also had a decently large collection of music that was put into a random playlist and streamed 24 hours a day, mostly so they had music to listen to at work.

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